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Explore online communities as a home base to discuss financial goals and economic events.


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Collaborate with friends or family to make money moves together.

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Investment Clubs

Collaborate conveniently with friends or family on your money plans in a money circle, investment club, syndicate, community or private group.

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Why Investment Clubs?

Stop waiting. Start collaborating

Collaborating in a money circle or investment club provides a great opportunity to work towards your investment goals sooner; be it to earn more income or smash your financial goals.
Shouldn’t there be a tool to manage investment clubs? We think so

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We don’t play with security.

Twelvevest was built with Top grade security features. We work with a PCIDSS compliant payment processor (the highest form of security required by the central banking authority in Nigeria) for the security of data. All website traffic is encrypted with bank level encryption. Our assets are held with Trustees, who ensure assets are as stated.