The Real Estate Tokenization Project with Mixta Africa

Sept. 9, 2022, 11:22 a.m.

The Real Estate Tokenization Project with Mixta Africa


Twelve worked with Mixta Africa (a leading real estate company that specializes in infrastructure and affordable housing across the African continent) to curate an affordable real estate investment opportunity for members of its community.
25 qualified investors invested N168million ($400,000) in 28 plots of land in Mixta Africa’s Lagos New Town (LNT) over a period of 24 months.
Twelve curated the opportunity in a way that made It flexible and affordable for everyday investors.  Investors paid to purchase the tokenized plots of land with monthly payment installments over a 24-month period and were not required to pay a lumpsum as initial deposit as is the norm for most real estate projects.

Twelve’s digital tokenization system ensured investors’ monthly installment were made when due and remitted to the partner. An in-community system for Investors who decided to put up their land tokens for sale, during the payment period, was also implemented successfully to provide reasonable liquidity.


Investment Thesis

Twelve closed the N168million ($400,000) investment in June 2022. Real estate in Nigeria is a high-ticket asset accessible mostly to High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs). This, in addition, with the activities of unscrupulous agents in the sector make it difficult for beginner investors or those based in diaspora to navigate.

Our goal was to work with a renowned real estate company and leverage on the power of community to negotiate favorable payment terms for this investment which we closed successfully. Lagos New Town (LNT) is located along the Lekki-Epe corridor. It is located close to the Lakowe Golf Course and the Lekki Free trade zone. LNT offers a unique opportunity for investment in residential and commercial real estate. This development is set to host over 200,000 people with a plethora of residential homes, malls, parks, religious homes, community centers and more.

Investment Outcome

After the completion of payment for the plots of land, investors started working with Mixta Africa to complete the documentation process for the property.

During the investment period, the value of the property rose by over 300%. If investors decide to sell now, they be in the money by over 300%. Given the different development projects ongoing at Lekki-Epe axis, we expect the value of real estate properties on this axis to grow at a geometric rate.

Real estate is one of the few assets that moves in tandem with inflation making it an ideal asset for every investor to hold in their portfolio. Twelve understands the challenges in the real estate market in Nigeria and is focused on curating best-in-class investment opportunities in the real estate market for individual investors and communities.

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